About Helios Products

Helios assembled a strong team of people early in its existence who continue to be involved with experience in materials science, manufacturing technology, civil engineering, the HVAC business, energy project development, company management, and law and accounting. RD&D support is provided under a long-term relationship with Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ). The company recently on-boarded a new Managing Director with experience in energy, environmental and chemical & material businesses and start-ups. Helios has offices in New Jersey and Utah. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team.

Business Development Strategy
Helios will sell mainly to solar energy installers and heating and cooling (HVAC) companies. The company’s product will be attractive to solar PV installers because it will allow them to sell solar thermal systems as a low-cost add-on to PV and as a low-cost alternative to customers that balk at the high cost of PV. Helios will allow HVAC and plumbing companies to add a renewable energy product to their product and service lines. The company will launch in regional U.S. markets and quickly expand in stages to the entire U.S. and overseas markets.

Helios was incorporated in 2007 with a charter to develop a novel translucent, specially-colored polymeric solar thermal collector. Proof-of-concept commercial-sized prototypes were rooftop-tested. New formulations have since been tested for performance optimization, durability and cost-effectiveness.